The Last Straw Journal, Issue #68

Summer, 2015

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 Manual Bale Press in Bali

Jeni Kardinal follows up her last article with more detail on the bale press that was developed as part of her work in Bali.


Adobe Wall Restoration
Our own Satomi Lander and her husband Tom show us how they transformed what was a nondescript adobe wall into a beautiful feature in an older home.

Baling Construction-Grade Bales
Western Colorado farmer and bale supplier, David Swinger, provides us with an in depth look at the variables and techniques of baling straw for buildings.

Insuring Bale Buildings
For too long the insurance industry has held the owners of straw bale buildings captive while they sway back and forth with the prevailing winds when it comes to insuring our buildings.  We begin to address this issue in the first of a series of articles on this topic.

Interior Cob Walls
James Henderson shares his technique of using cob and plaster for finishing your interior walls.

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